Pipeline Review

VPAResearch pharmaceutical pipeline Research Series:

VPAResearch pipeline research is one of the reputed and trusted series worldwide.

Our coverage includes- 42000+ pipeline drugs in our internal databases

All databases updated daily by our in-house experts crawling through 10,000+ sources

In-depth analysis of end-to-end pipeline development included

Key pharmaceutical Pipeline Facts-

The global pharmaceutical sales are forecast to increase at 6.8% CAGR from 2019 to 2025 driven primarily by launch of new therapies. 

Consistency in R&D investments remains a core strength of pharmaceutical industry

Novartis remains market leader worldwide but Pfizer and Roche are quickly gaining market shares

Bio-pharmaceutical pipeline is growing steadily with over 5,000 first in class products being developed

Oncology treatment remains the most widely invested research area, followed by central nervous system, infectious diseases and immunology drugs developed

Around 35% of new active substances launched in 2018 have orphan drug designation

Clinical trials Review

VPAResearch Clinical Trials Research Series:

  • Our coverage includes- 250,000+ Clinical trials  analyzed in our internal databases
  • 65,000+ Active trials included
  • Interventional, Observational and Expanded Access type trials included
  • Company sponsored and University/Government sponsored trials covered
  • Around 60% of trials are in phase 2 and phase 3 stages
  • An estimated 10% to 13% of trials pass on to approvals
  • Advent of Blockchain, IT and Big Data Analytics is being observed 
  • Growth in Virtual clinical trials  is observed predominantly in developed locations
  • Global Biopharmaceutical Clinical Trials  are given high emphasis